ApplyNow TechnologyJob candidates sometimes find that filling out applications can be time-consuming and not always effective for both the applicant and the employer. To simplify the application process, ApplyNow.Me has launched a website with the primary goal to make the application process easier for both.

For $10 a month, a company can sign up and within minutes a personalized ApplyNow.Me website will be issued to them that will enable them to accept applications from job candidates online. Along with an application, applicants have the option to upload a cover letter and resume. Security is top priority and data is safe, as the website is SSL-encrypted.

The simplified website allows applicants to apply via their computer or mobile devices. Ben Martin, ApplyNow.Me creator, states, “Rather than build customers a bunch of tools they will never use and charge a ridiculous amount of money for those tools, we make it simple. Our software allows you to accept and manage online job applications, post employment openings, and nothing more!”

For a limited time ApplyNow.Me is offering a free 90-day trial of the software to allow users to take it for a test drive. For more information and to access the free trial, visit

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