hr dashboard for applictrackAppliTrack maker Aspex Solutions has announced the AppliTrack HR Dashboard, a customizable end user experience for the cloud-based K12 Talent Management Suite. The dashboard provides access to all recruiting, hiring, and talent management data present within the AppliTrack suite including recruiting, selection, and HR files. The dashboard is a free add-on component for new and existing AppliTrack clients.

The AppliTrack dashboard is optimized for all mobile, laptop, and desktop platforms. One feature of the new tool is that it is customizable to show only relevant applicants, employees, forms, and intelligence for specific end users. The dashboard also offers three user-specific and selectable news feeds for immediate availability of updated news.

“We are proud to release the first of many upcoming new technologies from Aspex Solutions: the HR Dashboard. The HR Dashboard enables Aspex Solutions to innovate in the K12 HR space faster and more cost effectively than ever before,” said Abe Reese, President and Founder of Aspex Solutions. “We believe that the HR Dashboard platform is the perfect foundation for all of the exciting solutions that we have planned for the AppliTrack Talent Management Suite and will help ensure that our clients genuinely enjoy their user experience with our technologies for many years to come.”


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