Ann Barlow and Courtney Ellul

Ann Barlow ([email protected]) is a senior partner and president of Peppercomm's West Coast. Courtney Ellul ([email protected]) is an SVP and partner in London. Ann and Courtney are passionate about internal communications and helping clients be the voices of employees and facilitators for engagement — and lasting, positive change.

Inside Recruiting August 12, 2020
Keeping Promises: How to Shape Your Employer Brand in the New Normal

Your organization has an employer value proposition (EVP) whether or not you are actively working to shape it. According to Gartner, organizations that deliver on their EVPs can cut annual turnover by almost 70 percent and boost new hire loyalty by almost 30 percent. With the events of 2020 having redefined all aspects of work, how you position your employer brand has never been more...

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Inside Recruiting June 8, 2020
Employee Reboarding: How to Successfully Communicate Your Return-to-Work Plans

The post-pandemic world presents tremendous challenges and opportunities for HR professionals and internal communicators planning for the new normal. Chief among them: As social-distancing restrictions are gradually lifted and employees begin to return to the office, organizations will have to consider how they will successfully reboard their workers. HR pros and internal communications...

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