Bill Wooditch

Bill Wooditch is the author of "Fail More: Embrace, Learn, and Adapt to Failure as a Way to Success" and the founder and CEO of Wooditch Enterprises (a subsidiary of The Wooditch Group, a risk management and corporate insurance firm with annual sales of $100 million). He works with Fortune 500 companies like AIG, Old Republic, Zurich, and Bank of America to improve their sales and leadership. Wooditch's keynotes include the National Sales Conference for MetaBank and the National Annual Meeting for Boy Scouts of America. He appeared regularly on Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Success" show and has also appeared on CNBC, Fox, and CBS. He has written for Inc., New York Daily News, and the American Management Association.

Success April 11, 2019
The Only Valueless Failure Is the One You Refuse to Learn From

Any time you try something new, you expose yourself to a threshold of disappointment. Video games are designed for failure. But the thing about video games is that, at least for me, they take my mind off reality. I'm not engaged with my inner dialogue; I'm just focused on the game. There is no confrontational consequence (as there is in life) that makes you think you're failing — you...

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