Brandon Metcalf

During a decade of working in staffing, Brandon Metcalf held a variety of leadership positions with a focus on using technology to drive competitive advantage. He was inspired to build Talent Rover to fill the void for a truly integrated technology solution built for staffing and recruiting. Recently named the ninth fastest growing software company in America, Talent Rover continues to modernize the industry with its sales to invoice vision. Follow Brandon at @brandon_metcalf.

Inside Recruiting November 7, 2017
To Win at Holiday Recruiting, Provide a Better Candidate Experience

This holiday season, Amazon will hire more than 120,000 temporary workers. Target is eyeing 100,000, UPS wants 95,000, and Macy's needs 80,000. The staffing industry counts on this hiring surge every year. The question is, how will you win that business? Why will candidates choose to work with you rather than your competitors? Recruiters win or lose holiday business based on the quality...

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Smart Tech August 8, 2017
The Difference Between Hammers and Business Software:

Most businesses mistake software for a "tool." A tool has a particular function but no perspective. A hammer, for example, is agnostic. It isn't made with an opinion about when, how, and why a carpenter should hammer things. The tool adapts to the user. With business software, you're not buying a tool – you're buying a philosophy about how your business should run. The software has...

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The 3 Tech Buzzwords That Could Trick Your Firm

With the recruitment world now powered by software, the search for solutions that actually do what they claim to do has become ever more complicated. From recruitment databases and applicant tracking systems (ATSs) to phones and document storage, recruiters have to navigate a buzzword barrage that can distract them from the main goal: finding IT systems that help a team be more productive and...

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The Recruitment Industry and Globalization: Who Will Win?

The recruitment industry is undergoing an intense period of globalization driven by the needs of domestic clients. When recruitment firms are highly successful in the U.S., their multinational clients increasingly ask if they can recruit in the South America, Asia-Pacific or the EU regions. Big recruitment firms no longer have a monopoly on internationalization—powered by technology,...

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