Bryan Adams and Charlotte Marshall

Bryan Adams is the CEO and founder of Ph.Creative, recognized as one of the leading employer brand agencies in the world, with clients such as Apple, American Airlines, GVC, and Blizzard Entertainment. Bryan is also a best-selling author, podcaster, creative strategist, and specialist speaker. Charlotte Marshall was named the "2019-2020 Employer Brand Leader of the Year" and has successfully built and launched five Fortune 500 employer brands. She is an in-demand international speaker and the global employer brand lead at Danaher Corporation.

Inside Recruiting April 10, 2020
The Critical Question Every Candidate Wants to Answer: Do I Have What It Takes?

Do you remember the pivotal scene in Star Wars where Luke Skywalker is the final pilot to have a clear shot on the target to destroy the Death Star? As his thumb hovers over the firing button, Luke has two different kinds of motivation to hit that tiny target. His external motivation is to destroy the Death Star and, in turn, save the galaxy from the perils of the Empire. At precisely...

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