Clinton Buelter

Clinton Buelter is the founder of ColdEmailForRecruiters. He’s a tech recruiter turned entrepreneur. He has more than six years of recruiting experience, starting at a staffing agency and working his way into technical recruitment for software companies like VMware and Glassdoor.

Get Hired June 28, 2017
41 Unusual Career Tips From a Recruiter

There is no opening act. Let's just get started: 1. Don't Ask How  Don't ask how you can help. Do your research and figure out a way to help. When people email and ask how they can help, it creates more work for me. Now I have to think of how they can help. I don't know them or what they are good at. I've emailed senior people before with the same question. The web holds more...

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Inside Recruiting December 22, 2015
12 Things I Learned About Recruiting From 'Chopped'

Courtesy of Food Network Be honest for five seconds: The part of recruiting you hate most is turning people down. I don't like doing it either, but it has to be done. I think most recruiters and hiring managers feel the same way. Early in my recruiting career, I realized I wasn't very good at rejecting people and needed to improve. "You wanted to get better at rejecting...

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The Innovators September 3, 2015
15 Hiring Tips for Startups

Is your startup expanding? Are you looking to make a few new hires? Or maybe you're just starting out, getting ready to build your team.  Whatever the case may be, entrepreneur and recruiting expert Clinton Buelter is here with some tips to help you find -- and hire -- the best talent for your business: 1. Don't Hire Just Because Only hire because you cannot physically complete the...

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