Dan Sines

Dan Sines is Traitify’s CEO, cofounder, and chairman of the board. His belief in the power of human-centered design led him to create the first-ever patented visual-based personality assessment format, which is in use today by some of the world's leading high-volume hiring companies. He and his cofounder, Josh Spears, founded Traitify in 2011, unlocking the potential of psychology for HR while meeting the needs of the modern candidate and employee. Traitify completed a Series B in mid-2020 and is poised for significant growth in the next year.

Inside Recruiting August 12, 2021
Age Bias Is Sneaky. Here's How to Keep It Out of the Hiring Process.

Companies should understand by now that a diverse organization outperforms a less diverse organization on a host of metrics, including sales, retention, customer appreciation ratings, and the overall value of the business. But diversity isn't just about gender identity or skin color, which tend to receive most of the focus in conversations about equity and inclusion at work. Age and...

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HR Is a Revenue Generator, Not a Cost Center

An unpredictable year tossed a massive wrench into the budgeting process for businesses of all shapes and sizes. I'll be the first to say that I understand the impulse toward risk aversion in the new year after what we experienced in 2020. We're seeing many business leaders turn to the traditional, conservative approach of curtailing spending in the business's cost centers while trying to fire...

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