Erich Hugunin

As V.P. of sales at TextUs, Erich Hugunin helps staffing firms identify new ways to place more candidates and improve productivity with two-way texting. He has more than nine years of experience working with staffing and recruiting companies and has partnered with more than 100 firms to help them accelerate sales and reduce operational costs.

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Smart Tech April 12, 2016
Why Your Text Messaging Campaign Bombed

Many companies tell us, "We've tried texting our clients, and it just doesn't work." But not all text messaging is created equal. There's a big difference between this: and this: There are two kinds of business text messaging. Short-code texting is about interruption, promotion, and mass marketing. The first message, you probably guessed, is an example of short code. The...

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Inside Recruiting April 8, 2016
The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters

A recruiter's job is about more than hitting quotas, building up databases, and beating out the competition. Increasingly, recruiting is about building relationships, nurturing talent, and creating best-fit connections for candidates and clients. To do these things, you have to be at the top of your game. We talked to some top recruiters in the industry to find out what sets highly...

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Inside Recruiting February 19, 2016
How the Best Recruiters Communicate

As a recruiter, you're often a candidate's first touchpoint with a company. You're the first opportunity for an employer to make a good impression, yours is the first hand that a potential employee shakes, and you're the first ambassador of an employer's brand. Because of all this, your ability to communicate well can be the difference between establishing a new relationship or losing...

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