Jon Parks and Isabella Wang

Isabella Wang is a social entrepreneur, business leader, international speaker, and book author. With years of experience working in digital transformation and marketing, Isabella is dedicated to supporting ambitious individuals and businesses to unlock growth in a world of change through game-changing marketing strategies, thought leadership, technology, and resource sharing.

Jon Parks is an entrepreneur, thought leader, and Blockchain enthusiast. Projects include building and managing diverse coalitions, teams, and partners. Jon has also organized and produced more than 1,500 conferences and events across various topics and interests including food, finance, and fintech, monetary systems and policy, health tech, supply chain, digital rights management, environment and sustainability, and social justice.

Smart Tech November 17, 2021
Jobs and Marketing on Metaverse – An Epic Need for Recruiting

Metaverse is no longer science fiction, and tech giants are betting their collective future on building, operating, and marketing on it. Such massive communal cyberspace requires people who understand the realm and can provide leading-edge marketing initiatives. Participants must work with capable recruiters to source and hire the needed talent. It is imperative to fulfill the increasing...

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