Judi Wunderlich

Judi Wunderlich has been a leading recruiter for over 20 years. In 2009 she co-founded the WunderLand Group, a staffing and recruiting firm which focuses on contract and full time job opportunities in Marketing, Advertising, and Digital Design & Development. WunderLand has offices in Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Connecticut. Judi’s position allows her a unique view of hiring trends, and she has written about and spoken at numerous conferences on hiring, career trends, and the use of social media for job seekers and hiring managers alike. Connect with Judi on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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[INFOGRAPHIC] Respect the Rights of Job Seekers and Find Recruiting Success

If you're in the recruiting industry, you know that success is dependent upon building strong relationships with a network of talent. There is much involved in finding and attracting top performers who are the right fit for the positions you have to fill, but above all else, the ability to build trust is key. It doesn't take long for word to get out about a recruiter who is dishonest or...

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How to Get the Most Out Of Working with a Staffing Firm

In a volatile and competitive job market, job security can be elusive. Statistics show that many job seekers take as long as seven months to find a new job. After a job loss, many professionals simply don't know how to job search. They rely on common venues, such as online or print classified ads and job boards. However, the masses look there, too, and your resume will often be one of hundreds...

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