Raynie Andrewsen

Raynie Andrewsen is the head of quality control for KnowledgeCity, a leading eLearning provider. She oversees the development and review of KnowledgeCity's course content. Raynie embraces the company mission to make quality skills training accessible to everyone and looks for opportunities for the company to get involved in its community. She studied English and media analysis at Arizona State University and previously worked as a journalist and editor.

Inside Recruiting September 14, 2021
In the Age of the Great Resignation, You Can't Retain Employees Unless You Invest in Them

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, it's driving a groundswell of people leaving their jobs in what's known as the Great Resignation, the Turnover Tsunami, or the Great COVID Job Turn. These mass resignations place strain on companies. For example, in the retail sector alone, a May 2021 report from Korn Ferry found 94 percent of employers were struggling to fill vacancies. Many companies...

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