RJ Frasca

RJ Frasca is vice president of marketing and product of EBI Inc., a leading background screening provider. Frasca brings over 20 years of marketing and product experience with companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Time Warner, and Verizon.

Inside Recruiting July 30, 2021
How to Optimize Your Background Screening Process for Post-Pandemic Hiring

Employees are quitting their jobs at record rates as part of a "turnover tsunami" spurred by the pandemic. And the numbers are expected to climb as employees who stayed in mediocre jobs during the pandemic spend the latter half of the year looking for better opportunities. This is terrific news if you're hiring. With more candidates to choose from, you have more opportunities to hit a home...

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Inside Recruiting June 10, 2021
Employee Retention in the Post-Pandemic World: Health and Safety Come First

After more than a year of soaring unemployment rates, America is ready to get back to work. As COVID-19 cases continue to dwindle throughout the country, companies are eager to welcome staff back to the office. However, things aren't necessarily going according to plan. In what has been called "the turnover tsunami," companies are bracing for a colossal wave of resignations. According to...

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