Sammy Rubin

Sammy Rubin is the founder and CEO of YuLife, the world's first group life and wellness insurance company for businesses that provides life insurance, well-being, and rewards in one easy-to-use app. He originally built Policy Portfolio plc, the first market maker in traded endowments, and he led the flotation of the company on the full London Stock Exchange. He then went on to become the founding CEO of PruProtect (now VitalityLife), which was the first life insurance company in the UK to reward healthy living. Sammy holds a degree in computer science from Imperial College London.

The Innovators August 27, 2021
Why Well-Being Is a Business Imperative in the Hybrid Workplace

The resolution of the ongoing pandemic seems increasingly difficult to anticipate. Hopes of an end are glimpsed and dashed in turn, with restrictions and precautions constantly changing. But there is one prediction we can safely make: The future of work is hybrid. Not only are global conditions ripe for the rise of a hybrid workforce, but employees are also vocally expressing their...

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Smart Tech August 14, 2020
Can't Tell Whether Your Employee Wellness Program Is Worth the Investment? You Need the Right Tech

Employee well-being is big business. Deloitte forecasts the corporate wellness market in the US will reach $11.3 billion by 2021. But as the coronavirus-driven recession forces businesses large and small to take a hard look at their budgets, the unfortunate reality is that there is little indication wellness programs are generating the desired return to justify all that...

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