NewsWith nearly every company performing background checks on job candidates, Backgrounds Online has released a new service that will save HR departments time and money. The new service is called Applicant Self-Submittal and puts more responsibility upon job candidates to see that their background check is done and less responsibility on hiring managers.

Christopher Ballas, CEO of Backgrounds Online, had this to say about the service: “Aside from expediting the background screening process, applicant Self-Submittal also holds job seekers accountable for requesting and approving their own background reports. This is a great first test for potential employees. It allows hiring managers to see how well, and how quickly a candidate follows instructions, which helps determine whether or not they are right for your company.”

The service decreases the need for HR personnel, as one person is all that is needed to manage the background check request process. The process entails one person in HR to initiate the background check by contacting Backgrounds Online with the names and emails of potential job applicants. Backgrounds Online will then send a background check authorization form to the candidates via email and the candidates are responsible for filling it out and sending it back to them.

Backgrounds Online notifies the company when they receive an authorization form back from a job candidate, as well as when the results come in. HR managers can then review the results and make hiring decisions. Ballas added, “This service eliminates the need for multiple personnel to fill out background check request forms, helps prevent errors by putting the responsibility of filling out the forms onto the job seeker and creates a lifeline for business that engage in seasonal hiring. We’ve created a fast, user-friendly system that will augment and enhance any company’s recruitment process.”

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