July 25, 2014

BambooHR Study Reveals Top 5 Workplace Deal Breakers [Infographic]

Workplace-Deal-Breakers sectionPeople have “deal breakers” in every relationship—and the employer-employee business relationship is no different. To help educate employers on “deal-breaker” territory when it comes to their business, BambooHR recently released the results from a nationwide survey and an accompanying infographic, “Workplace Deal Breakers: Where’s the Breaking Point for Employees?”

The study of more than 1,000 U.S. employees revealed that more than money, people desire the opportunity to improve themselves via career advancement and to have a healthy work-life balance.

The infographic highlights the top 5 deal breakers employees listed in the survey:

1. Your boss doesn’t trust/empower you

2. Work expectations during off-time

3. Difficult co-workers

4. Boss blames you for mistakes

5. Work is not flexible

The study also showed the differences in deal breakers between men, women and by age group. For example, 29 percent of women viewed working during off hours as a deal breaker compared with 18 percent of men. And having a lower salary is “annoying” to 52 percent of those ages18–29, while this number steadily declines as employees get older.

The infographic also notes other situations that annoy employees:

  • Management is less aware of the industry than you or your team (82%)
  • Lack of recognition (82%)
  • Co-workers being promoted faster (78%)
  • Subpar benefits (74%)

“Employees must be valued and respected at work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance or they won’t stay at a job,” the infographic explains. “As long as employees’ pressing needs—empowerment, flexibility in the workplace and fair wages—are met, they’re more willing to tolerate lesser annoyances.”


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