newsIt’s not always easy to heed the advice of “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers.  Knowing when to hold ‘em and when to walk away just isn’t ever that easy to predict.  Governor Cuomo is in a unique quandary, determining aspects of the state’s economy.

How will the new casino affect the economy in New York is yet to be determined, but many are confident that the casino will boost the economy of New York by creating lots of jobs in the gambling industry.

Terry Goodwin, the staff editor of, writes,  “In addition to the jobs, the new gaming options will bring hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to the state.  The money from that revenue could be used to reduce the state budget deficit and eventually ensure that no further layoffs will be needed at the governmental level.”

Goodwin writes out of concern that Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget cuts will yield more layoffs that will stifle the creation of this new casino.

Recruiters, especially New York recruiters, may be interested to follow the issue and determine where to cast their chips.  Will the casino boost the state’s economy while creating thousands of new jobs?  Will the project come to a halt?  Or will the casino begin to operate but have little effect on the economy?

And will the Aqueduct subway stop come to be used more regularly?

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