upward graphIn its most recent Retail Industry Report, Monster.com’s snapshot of online job postings has found that retailers have posted 10 percent more jobs over the year in the run up to the holiday sales season.

“While the economy is clearly in recovery mode, the past few months have shown signs of improved consumer confidence,” says Charles Purdy, senior editor and career advice expert for Monster.com. “A stronger retail industry means more temporary holiday-season retail opportunities for job seekers. This is good news, because a temporary opportunity can be a great resume builder, teach new skills, and provide networking opportunities. Plus, it can be a step to a full-time, permanent position: though a holiday-season job may end in January, that experience with the company can open the door when a new opportunity arises in the future.”

Estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have the retail industry adding almost 1.8 million jobs nationwide over the next 10 years. Monster.com reports that there is no shortage of interest in most retail roles across the job spectrum, including retail, store management, and customer service. Growth is expected to occur in areas where retail commerce is already most popular and populations are stronger; high volumes of resumes are already found in California, Texas, Florida, and New York.

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