bloggingAs a content management system, WordPress is one of the most beloved and user friendly platforms for both blog visitors and bloggers / site administrators. Just one of the benefits the blogging platform brings to content creators is the myriad plugins available to writers to tweak and optimize their blog administration and productivity.

As a blogger for business or pleasure, consider the following list of super-helpful WordPress tools to help improve your productivity and improve the convenience of using this popular CMS. The can all be found by searching plugins within your WordPress administration screen.

1. With an impressive array of widget add-ons and features, the WordPress Events Manager plugin is one of the most thoroughly self-contained managers on the platform. Not only does it allow users to customize their daily details, the plugin also offers booking management, event registration for multiple days, RSS feeds and SEO compatibility, and lots more. Events Manager also boasts a user-submitted event capability that allows all previously submitted events to be confirmed before the admission of a blog.

2. WordPress’ Blogging Checklist plugin, though updated recently, works flawlessly with the latest version of WordPress and can be used to send out emails to a list of other bloggers writing for your blog providing a checklist for blog requirements necessary before the publication of a blog. It is a great way to create accessible guidelines for your blog so that rewriting is kept at a minimum. Blogging Checklist allows you to create customizable checklists that are embedded into WordPress. The checklists are then ticked off as each item is completed. As a “support” plugin, working in tandem with Blogging Checklist, Role Manager allows you to assign specific permissions to each user, as well.

3. The Guest Blogging plugin helps boost blog productivity by providing free content when you are unable to produce your own. The plugin is like a marketplace for writers interested in guest writing for blogs. Independent bloggers make offers to you after you post your website in the article gallery. Once you accept an offer the plugin automatically adds the guest blogs to your own blog. It also allows you to search for posts, publish your own guest content, and make offers right from the WordPress Dashboard.

4. Broken links can become the scourge of long-running blogs as sources become obsolete and disappear. The Broken Link Checker helps eliminate the frustration of finding and removing broken links throughout your blog by automatically identifying working and broken link at regularly scheduled intervals. If a broken link is found, the plugin alerts you to its presence so that you can configure it to your liking.

5. One of the top multi-purpose plugins for WordPress is the WordPress Project Management tool. Project Management adds useful features that allow you to organize details such as your ideas for future posts, freelance duties, writers, and more. In creating a project, you are able to create time frames for each task, references numbers, and statuses. Each new project is added to the WordPress menu so that you can easily check on the status of each project and create new ones as necessary.

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