NewsBluepoint Leadership Development, recognizing the importance of excellent leadership skills to increase business productivity and management, has created four training videos that offer insights for today’s leaders on becoming top-notch leaders in their niche.

Known for its workshops and coaching on leadership development, Bluepoint is paving the way in leadership coaching in a time when great organization leadership skills are needed. Casting vision, acquiring the right people, and maintaining motivation and inspiration takes a high level of leadership and a willingness to be challenged to grow as an effective leader.

According to Bryn Meredith, COO of Bluepoint, “We are constantly being approached by organizations with requests for additional tools and resources that can help supplement their mainstream learning programs. These new videos provide tips and advice regarding the challenges of leading in today’s complex organizations that anybody can try and we are delighted to make these available to anyone who would like to use them.”

The training videos are available on Bluepoint’s YouTube Channel. The titles of the videos are:

  • The Sacrifices of the Leader.
  • What Does Great Leadership Coaching Look Like?
  • Coaching the Uncoachable.
  • Building Leadership Connections.

To find out more about Bluepoint’s business, please visit their website at

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