careerwire for associations communityBoxwood Career Solutions, a leading provider of career center and career-related services to the association community, has announced the launch of CareerWire, a monthly eNewsletter focused on employment and hiring trends specific to each association. Integrated with the career center, CareerWire also includes a feed of job openings to drive traffic to an association’s career center. CareerWire enables associations to further their role as the leading source of employment news and job openings for their industry.

“Now part of the Naylor Association Solutions family, Boxwood has taken the eNewsletter expertise of Naylor and integrated the career center know-how of Boxwood to create a product that combines the engaging power of news and career-related information while layering on the attraction of current job listings and employment-focused content”, said Dave Bornmann, VP of Marketing for Boxwood. “CareerWire helps address two key challenges facing our customers — 1) how to develop and deliver meaningful content and 2) how to regularly market the career center with limited resources”, continued Bornmann.

Boxwood editors will curate industry-specific content relevant to an association’s members on a monthly basis. Headline news from their industry, a “market watch” outlook and forecast section, as well as job listings and career-related information are included in each issue. A typical CareerWire issue will provide 4 advertising opportunities for an association to earn non-dues revenue. Bornmann points out, “Boxwood does all the work with little to no staff involvement needed on the association’s part. That’s a huge selling point for associations.”

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