NewsBranchOut, one of the largest professional networks on Facebook, has recently launched a new tool for recruiters and hiring managers that allows them to source and build talent networks through Facebook. The tool, RecruiterConnect, is the first enterprise software product available on the Facebook platform.

While previously focused on the job seeker experience and solutions for professional networking, Branchout’s latest offering gives recruiters specific resources for connecting with job candidates through their personal Facebook network¬† or through a fellow employee’s network. In this regard, BranchOut aims to provide a more relevant search than competitor LinkedIn.

“RecruiterConnect fills a major void for companies that have wanted to recruit on Facebook in a way that is safe, secure and private,” said Rick Marini, CEO and founder of BranchOut. “This is an industry game changer because it not only allows recruiters and HR professionals to leverage Facebook’s network of 800 million users to find more relevant candidates quickly, but also to identify higher quality candidates by matching jobs to individuals in their employees’ extended networks.”

The solution features a user-friendly interface and advanced filtering options to target specific talent requirements. RecruiterConnect also gives users a rich overview of a potential candidate’s work history, education and recent professional activity, and suggests similar profiles and inside connections for viewing.

“We developed RecruiterConnect specifically to help recruiters and staffing professionals source candidates efficiently by leveraging their talent network,” said Chris Merritt, general manager of enterprise products for BranchOut. “Recruiters can use an individual’s social graph to pinpoint like-minded, similarly qualified candidates in order to effectively match talent with opportunities.”

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