data integration engineBullhorn, a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software for the staffing and recruiting industries, has announced that it has acquired The Code Works Inc., the developer of VMS Access. VMS Access is a cloud-based software product that integrates corporate procurement and vendor management systems (VMS) like SAP’s Fieldglass with CRM systems. Bullhorn will leverage The Code Works Inc.’s research and development team to develop integration solutions to power new services enabling front office productivity improvements through the Bullhorn platform.

“With this acquisition, we’re enabling companies to move their front office solutions to the cloud and to take advantage of Web-enabled services that power better decision-making and additional revenue opportunities,” Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn, said. “Bullhorn VMS Access will help drive Bullhorn’s growth in the VMS industry and beyond. This vendor neutral solution extends Bullhorn’s product portfolio and will allow us to develop new offerings to help improve customer productivity. Long-term, the Bullhorn VMS Access development team will help drive the development of Bullhorn’s data integration offerings, fundamental to our cloud-based Big Data offerings. To drive better decision-making, companies are looking to integrate data from a variety of sources online; Bullhorn VMS Access will provide that engine for our customers.”

Bullhorn VMS Access is a cloud-based subscription service for staffing firms of all sizes working on any volume of VMS job orders. Bullhorn VMS Access provides numerous benefits to staffing agencies, including:

  • Loads job requisitions and updates from virtually any VMS solution and parses the information into the CRM.
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces admin or recruiter time spent cutting and pasting information from VMS requisitions into the CRM. It also publishes close statuses automatically in the CRM when requisitions are closed in the VMS.
  • Provides staffing executives with real-time visibility into activity and load times so they can determine which requisitions are generating ROI, identify new revenue streams, and fill their non-VMS jobs faster.
  • Filters requisitions by agency-defined parameters to enable firms to focus on the requisitions that fit their business and to fill those requisitions faster.

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