NewspaperLeading recruiting software provider Bullhorn has announced the acquisition of two recruiting software-as-a-service companies: MaxHire Solutions and Sendouts. The acquisitions effectively make Bullhorn the largest recruiting software team in the world supporting and servicing almost all SaaS recruiting software capabilities. Customers of Bullhorn gain substantially from the mergers now being offered integrated prospect data from and Hoover’s Inc, VMC integration, and client portals, among other features.

“This is an incredible moment for Bullhorn customers,” said Art Papas, co-founder and CEO of Bullhorn. “We’re acquiring two extremely talented teams, both of whom have succeeded in delighting their large customer bases with a combination of product innovation and excellent service. These acquisitions dramatically increase our ability to execute on our vision of helping recruiters be more successful, develop new products, and serve our exponentially expanding user base.”

Both companies will continue to operate as usual with MaxHire CEO Peter Blitz becoming Bullhorn’s product innovation officer and Sendouts’ CEO Brian Hopcraft serving as general manager.

“Joining Bullhorn will speed our ability to deliver the next cross-platform, cross-browser, and mobile-friendly product update that MaxHire customers are looking for,” said Blitz. “Bullhorn and MaxHire have a shared vision for the future of recruiting software and we’re excited to bring it to reality together.”

“Sendouts and Bullhorn share a strong, positive culture as well as a passion for making elegantly usable software for recruiters,” said Hopcraft. “We’ve worked hard building a great team and look forward to applying our joint expertise to help even more recruiters connect job seekers with opportunities.”

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