hand touching virtual screenGlobal leader in recruiting software Bullhorn, recently added an expanded capability–Bullhorn for Email–enabling its users to “get through their email inboxes faster by seeing and acting on ATS/CRM information within the Gmail and Outlook email clients with a zero-footprint deployment.”

Bullhorn said it’s the only ATS/CRM provider that offers direct integration with Gmail and Outlook without the need for plug-ins, which allows recruiters to work from anywhere, any time and across any platform.

The new tool allows users to:

  • Access the latest information about who they’re emailing: While in their inbox, users can see their contacts’ most recent notes, resumes, and job orders.
  • Take action without switching applications: Users can handle common sales and recruiting tasks directly within their inbox.
  •  Automatically track all candidate and client emails: decreases wasting time on extra clicks.
  • Work from any computer or smartphone device: no annoying plugins or software downloads thanks to Bullhorn’s fully Web-based SaaS offering.
  • Parse resumes, add notes, and create new tasks: enter information directly into the Bullhorn ATS/CRM.

The company said its email integration empowers users to improve the efficiency of their communications and focus on money-making activities instead of administrative tasks.

“Recruiters are moving at 100 miles per hour,” Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn said, “and any gain in efficiency results in a gain in performance. What we’ve done with Bullhorn for Email will dramatically increase the velocity at which recruiters can perform their jobs.”

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