Bullhorn Staffing SoftwareKnown for their staffing and recruiting software – industry leader Bullhorn recently released their latest recruitment solution in the form of a mobile app, Bullhorn Mobile. The new mobile platform comes on the heels of their launch of social recruiting tool Bullhorn Reach.

The increasingly popular mobile market has seen a plethora of  applications and services aimed at recruiters on-the-go. Most platforms provide varying degrees of usefulness and are only semi-powerful options. Bullhorn Mobile is an on-the-go game changer and one of the only few platforms that offers a truly comprehensive set of recruitment tools for mobile platforms.

“We are in the midst of a fundamental shift to mobile computing, and Bullhorn is on the forefront with the staffing and recruiting industry’s most powerful mobile solution.” said Geoff Greene, Bullhorn’s Chief Technology Officer. “Bullhorn Mobile fuses the mobile revolution with Bullhorn’s proven ATS and CRM, enabling thousands of Bullhorn customers to sell and recruit with their smartphones and tablets.”

Bullhorn Mobile gives recruiters all the tools and resources they would use as if they were back in the office – delivered right to their fingertips. The Bullhorn Mobile App, available now, works on most smartphone and tablet devices including the iOS products, Android, HP WebOS, and Blackberry OS 6 devices with a touchscreen.

“Our team is most effective when they are face to face with clients or candidates, and Bullhorn Mobile makes it easy to work from anywhere,” said Tim Jacob, UK Sales Operations Director, Rethink Recruitment. “Our sales people can stay on top of every opportunity, and our recruiters know exactly what’s going on with every candidate, so we can focus on generating sales and filling jobs.”

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