jobs street signWith a 7.4 percent unemployment rate, we all know just how important steady and stable jobs are nowadays. But as time passes on and Americans remain unemployed, should they turn to a “useless” job? has created a list of the top eight useless jobs—that is the unfulfilling, most menial, obsolete and downright useless jobs in the working world. also says the most useless jobs have another common factor: low wages.

So what are the top useless jobs today? The list goes:

Atmosphere coordinator

Pseudo bar/club/event patrons tasked with manufacturing a festive atmosphere.


Publishing is going online more every year. Web pages and applications are replacing layout for print pages, thus the work a compositor would fulfill falls more to designers and app developers.

Data entry keyers and/or word processor

Technology has streamlined the process of converting hard copy data into digital files.


A professional clairvoyant uses various methods to see customers’ futures.

Shoe repairer

Consumers are more likely to purchase new shoes than have old footwear repaired. As a result, the shoe repair market is going the way of those worn-out shoes.

Sign spinner

Street advertisers try to drive business with cardboard signs, and occasionally costumes and/or physical displays.

Telephone operator

Cell phones have rendered land lines and payphones obsolete, and thus many telephone operator duties have been absorbed into other positions, like executive assistant.

Travel agent

Most phases of the travel agent’s job are accessible for users online and without fees.

Do you agree with’s list? What positions would you add or subtract?

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