newsEducation is often thought of as a field outside of the realm of the recruiter.  But a recent report from the Center for American Progress highlights the issues challenging schools as topics in which recruiters are well-versed.

In the report “Preparing for Growth: Human Capital Innovations in Charter Public Schools,” the authors Christi Chadwick and Julie Kowal determine that some of the biggest problems facing charter schools is recruitment and utilization of the internal human capital of their most talented educators. Their report analyzes how successful charter management organizations, or CMOs, must adapt to meet the needs of this growing educational system.

Christi Chadwick and Julie Kowal identified key strategies from the practices of six CMOs.  They determined that successful CMOs “formalize processes and infrastructure, make the most of the people they attract, and import and induct management talent.”

Although charter schools often grow up organically and draw on local connections and grassroots support, the report has determined that the growing demand for charter schools will make it difficult to find talented people to fill the opening positions.  In the report, the authors conclude that “to grow more rapidly while maintaining quality, the best and most innovative charter organizations need to identify ways to provide proven outside-sector leaders with the training and residency experiences that will make them successful in school leadership.”

Perhaps this is just a reminder to recruiters that your talents might be appreciated within many kinds of professions.  Perhaps they might call it something different like “consultant” or “adviser” in different lines of work, but the skills of the recruiter might be utilized throughout many fields.

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