blue arrows expandingConformance Technologies, a provider of operating systems, education systems and expertise used in managing business compliance requirements, has announced the launch of its Data Incident Management Program. The Program is a comprehensive suite of services that provides expert assistance in the event of a data incident while also enhancing business performance by saving time and money. Program components include data incident forensics, POS equipment or software replacement, $10,000 in legal services and legal notifications, consumer notifications, and public relations management services.

Conformance Technologies’ Data Incident Management Program helps merchants of all sizes respond proactively by eliminating as much business harm and out-of-pocket expense as possible. The Data Incident Management Program also creates significant revenue-generating opportunities for resellers and aggregators who manage groups or portfolios of businesses and consumers, including merchant acquiring and Independent Sales Organization (ISO) entities.

“Our Company goal is to provide a perfect mix of conformity and performance,” Anderson said. “We do this by creating products and services that allow both portfolio operators and their end-user customers the ability to easily manage and measure a variety of compliance and operational tasks.”

“Our new Data Incident Management Program is an integrated service offering that easily manages all aspects of a data incident, reducing costs for all parties involved while ensuring a professional resolution to issues,” Anderson continued.

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