July 20, 2012

DeskAlerts Server Program Receives New Capability to Help Improve Corporate Communications

desk alertsDeskAlerts has released the newest version of their alert software optimized to help large corporations improve their internal communications capabilities. The release, DeskAlerts 4.3.6, includes a command line API tool that allows companies to integrate the DeskAlerts Server with pre-existing corporate infrastructure. The software can then trigger alerts and improve communications automatically and in real time.

The updated alert software is wholly web-based and lets users send texts, pdf documents, graphics, flash presentations, and other file formats anywhere within an organization. Each time a document is sent, a real-time alert is sent out and the document is ready to view immediately with no need to open external programs. Administrators can set up alerts so that they are triggered by other systems like Exchange, SharePoint, and Dynamics.

DeskAlerts requires no specialized training and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Message recipients are selected with an active directory or can be chosen from specific organizational units and users. Receipts are included with each message to ensure that each alert is opened. Alerts may be sent with video and audio allowing for improved intra-organizational feedback that is faster than traditional methods. Increasing communications raises employee awareness which leads to a more efficient and productive workforce.

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