arrows outDeskAlerts, a web-based alert solution to improve communications and productivity within any organization, has announced the launch of a corporate wallpaper add-on that includes a locked-screen message alert functionality and RSS feed. The new add-on lets DeskAlerts users publish corporate desktop wallpapers that act as an internal communications channel that goes beyond text-based messages. The channel can be used to announce organizational changes and news while establishing an internal brand identity. The feature can also be used to publish product announcements and recruitment updates in real time.

The alert add-on is completed customizable enabling message senders the ability to rotate wallpapers and modify message sequencing and scheduling to ensure on-time delivery of employee communications. Advanced targeting options present as a core benefit of the DeskAlerts solution are compatible with the wallpaper add-on and include features including a user pinpointing ability and a way to publish messages to selected groups or an organization as a whole.

DeskAlerts CEO, Vassily Salomatov said, “We are continually striving to make the DeskAlerts employee communication tool ever more innovative and monitor all developments to ensure that they achieve their aims of increasing message efficiency and impact. Our research with this add-on shows that this is most definitely the case with wallpaper messaging, proving that internal communications can command high visibility when approached creatively.”

The add-on is configurable during the installation process of the DeskAlerts messaging system. More information about the new add-on and the whole DeskAlerts system is available at


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