September 8, 2015

Digital Interviews: How to Attract, Engage, and Retain Top Talent

DigitalIn today’s candidate-driven market, 75 percent of candidates identify themselves as passive candidates. Very few candidates are knocking on recruiters’ doors, looking for work. Recruiters must now work extra hard to attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Digital interviews can help recruiters identify top talent in the applicant pool and push those candidates through the interviewing process more quickly. To give recruiters an example of how they can use digital interviews to attract, engage, and retain top talent, RIVS created this video:

Below, we’d like to expand further on the value of digital interviewing for recruiters:

Attracting Talent

Between applications, multiple-stage interview processes, and scheduling hassles, the hiring process can require a significant time investment, and that may deter passive candidates. At RIVS, we found that 83 percent of passive candidates reported that they struggle to accept interviews during work hours and need additional options in order to continue with the hiring process. To solve time commitment issues, recruiters can use digital interviews to allow candidates to interview outside of normal work hours and from the comfort of their homes.

Engaging Talent

Digital interviewing can be a great way to engage candidates. The moment a job seeker applies to an open position, recruiters can send them an invitation to a digital interview. Immediately, they’re engaged in the process.

Recruiters can also send candidates customized emails with next steps in the interviewing process and links that take candidates directly to their digital interviewing platforms. Candidates are able to start one-way digital interviews at their convenience, as well as self-schedule their live video interviews and in-person interviews to help both parties avoid scheduling hassles. Ultimately, this speeds up the interviewing process. A quick and efficient interviewing process helps to keep top candidates engaged and active!

Retaining Talent

Once a recruiter has successfully attracted and engaged top talent, their next challenge is to retain the candidate by leading them to accept the open position.

Of candidates who were surveyed about their experience with RIVS, 81 percent described digital interviews as very innovative. These same candidates also said that digital interviews improved their perceptions of the company they were applying to.

“I thought it was very innovative of The WFC Group to use digital interviews,” said Steve Scheifer, a WFC Group employee who was hired through digital interviews. “It gave me a sense that they were embracing technology changes, as well as trying to minimize costs by saving on travel fees.”

Candidates have taken the diver’s seat in today’s market. They are setting a new standard for interviewing. Digital interviews increase efficiency and decrease interviewing woes for both the recruiter and the candidate. They provide a solution to help recruiters meet candidates’ expectations and attract, engage, and retain top talent.

Are you ready to hire the talent your company deserves?

This article originally appeared on the RIVS blog.

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