people in bubbleA survey has revealed that workers in the U.S. manufacturing industry are highly dissatisfied with their jobs and are likely to be seeking new jobs. Nearly one-half of survey respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their current job while only 34 percent were confident in finding a new position. Nearly three-quarters also agreed that it is more challenging in the current labor climate to find a new job than it was one year ago.

This was faulted by most on the state of job-market saturation of qualified workers within their area of expertise. Despite the perceived increased difficulty in finding a new job, 49 percent of manufacturing workers reported that there are more openings now than one year ago. A few additional surprises found in the survey include the fact that pharmaceutical companies, along with radio and TV broadcasting companies, were the firms hiring the most number of manufacturing workers. Industries typically at the top of the hiring list include the aircraft and medical industries, which placed lower on the list.

“With conditions in the US economy turning more favorable for manufacturing in general, there are several indicators that manufacturing jobs are returning to the US as evidenced by recent public announcements,” said Jeffrey Quinn, Vice President of Monster’s Global Insights. “From the other side, manufacturing jobs on Monster are viewed close to 3 million times every month, indicating substantial interest from industry workers. Maybe finding the right job is just a matter of bringing their talents to another industry in need.”

The top industries hiring manufacturing workers were found to be (in ascending order):

• Pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing

• Semiconductor and related device manufacturing

• Radio and television broadcasting and wireless communications equipment manufacturing

• Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument manufacturing

• Surgical and medical instrument manufacturing

• Aircraft manufacturing

• Other plastics product manufacturing

• Electronic computer manufacturing

• Soft drink manufacturing


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