newsCan you name five different jobs that you would like and could do?  Maybe it’s time to see what you haven’t thought of, but someone else has!  Enjoy a shot of wheatgrass, ride the newest public transportation California has to offer, and see what this job fair has to offer.

Diverse Careers, Inc. will be hosting several career fairs this year.  Whether you are looking for a job or looking to hire, this free event might have some answers for you.  Diverse Careers, Inc. works with a myriad of companies such as FedEx, Sketchers, and Hilton to help place people in entry-level to senior-level careers.

  • Los Angeles: January 20, May 12, and September 21
  • San Diego: February 24, June 22, and October 6
  • Inland Empire: March 23, June 29, and November 16
  • Orange County: April 21, August 25, and December 8

Employers and Recruiters interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at this event should contact Marcel Abandonato at (951) 479-1350.

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