newspaper graphicSearch firm network Top Echelon has revealed how well job candidates communicate with recruiters throughout the hiring process. For the sake of objectivity, the poll did not survey job seekers but approached recruiters from its stable of nearly 400 recruiting firms with the question of how well job seekers communicate with them. Top Echelon asked its network of recruiters, “What percentage of candidates communicate well during the recruiting and hiring process?” Just 2.5 percent responded that all of their candidates were good communicators while 43.8 percent reported that approximately three-quarters of their clients communicated well.

An additional 43.8 percent of recruiters said about half of their candidates performed well in communications and 8.8 percent said about one-quarter of their clients did so. Only 1.2 percent of recruiters felt that none of their candidates could communicate well. Top Echelon states that the results show that many candidates are good communicators but many others are ineffective to the point that it negatively affects their hireability.

According to Mark Demaree, president of Top Echelon Network, “When job seekers and candidates don’t communicate well during the hiring process, they usually increase the chances that they won’t be offered the position. Unfortunately, candidates sometimes feel the need to withhold information from the recruiter who presents them to the company for consideration, and, as a general rule, withholding information in such a situation rarely results in the desired outcome. The better candidates communicate, the better off they are.”

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