December 11, 2014

Education Platform, Filtered, Launches Full Personalized Business Suite

personalized business suiteFiltered, an online education platform, has launched 12 new courses in business disciplines to expand upon its existing portfolio of Microsoft Office training solutions. The courses are powered by a proprietary adaptive algorithm.

Filtered personalizes learning material to close the gap between current skills and knowledge and where a user need to be. Through the use of self-assessment, aspiration, and competency-based questions, Filtered’s algorithm weeds out anything a user already knows or is unlikely to use. This creates a bespoke syllabus so that users are presented with just what they need to learn. Additionally, the adaptive algorithm self-improves, using data and feedback from each learner’s course experience.

Benefits of the Filtered platform include:

  • Increased Adoption, Engagement and Impact – the use of reduced chunks of learning increase adoption, while relevant materials and trigger emails enhance engagement. Performance-enhancing material and testing and scoring processes measure and maximize impact.
  • Reduced training time and wastage – Filtered removes known or unneeded subject matter, so that courses can be completed in approximately half the time of unfiltered courses.
  • Measurement and calibration – Filtered’s IQ-style tests and scores enable users and employers to assess skills in areas that have previously lacked calibration. Businesses can accurately benchmark current staff ability, track progress, and measure improvement via the Filtered management dashboard.
  • Independently accredited and certified – Filtered has been accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), as well as the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification Service.

The addition of 12 new courses increases Filtered’s portfolio to 16, including:

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Microsoft Advanced Excel
  3. Microsoft Word
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint
  5. Microsoft SharePoint
  6. Effective Outlook
  7. Financial business analysis
  8. Project management
  9. Communication, influence and teams
  10. Business writing
  11. Leadership and management
  12. Business math
  13. Strategy and business models
  14. Critical thinking and problem solving
  15. Practical productivity
  16. Finance for non-finance professionals

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