learning solution for leadersEmployment Learning Innovations (ELI) a workplace learning company, has announced the launch of a learning solution Civil Treatment for Leaders (CTL). Aimed toward business leaders at every stage in their careers, CTL helps leaders and their organizations develop more productive and profitable workplace cultures, in part, by training leaders to welcome and act on the concerns their employees are encouraged to raise.

Building on ELI’s previous learning solution, Civil Treatment for Managers, CTL trains leaders on the elements that contribute to a healthy organizational culture, including avoidance of legal challenges, harassment and bullying problems, and developing constructive social media policies and behaviors. ELI’s new solution emphasizes issues relating to whistle blowing, such as how an organization’s success depends on business leaders encouraging their employees to speak up whenever they see something amiss. The CTL training modules show how leaders in business can foster environments and mechanisms that facilitate productive and civil workplace interactions.

Stephen M. Paskoff, founder and president of ELI, Inc., said, “CTL training simulates some of the most important conversations business leaders will ever have with their people – conversations that all too many organizations would rather stifle than promote. GM’s ignition switch problem, the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, the space shuttle Challenger disaster and Penn State University’s sexual offenders are all examples of what can happen when whistle blowers are ignored or discouraged because of dysfunctional cultures. Our training takes the opposite approach, teaching business leaders why and how to actually welcome and facilitate efforts by their employees to voice concerns.”

ELI’s behavioral training links together an organization’s values, compliance issues, leadership, teamwork and culture. Delivered in the classroom by an ELI instructor or online, CTL uses the same methodology as ELI’s other learning solutions.

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