NewsEmpathia and Edington Associates have combined forces to assist businesses focus more on corporate wellness with successful tools and strategies. Empathia, a behavioral health solutions provider, and Edington Associates, who partner with organizations to foster healthy workplaces, will now be offering assessments and unique tools to foster leadership, positive behaviors, and sustain a healthy workplace.

Empathia strives to bring positive behavior change with measurable outcomes to organizations by providing detailed, custom-built solutions that will optimize health and well-being for employees.

Edengton Associates has recently been founded by Dee Edington, Ph.D., who specializes in the health movement culture. Her work affirms that by combining organizational culture with proven techniques that catalyze and sustain lasting change, wellness in the workplace can see immense improvement.

According to President and CEO of Empathia, Philip Chard, “Empathia has long embraced the integration of initiatives for building workplace culture with efforts that support individual behavior change. The missing piece in many corporate wellness programs is the application of the science of behavior change. By combining the assessment intelligence, tailored strategies and consultative resources of Edington Associates with our behavior change expertise, we can offer organizations a proven path to a culture of health and well-being.”

Empathia offers training and software that builds supportive leadership to go forth and build a sustaining culture of health. In fact, several studies show that culture-specific behavior modification initiatives have positive benefits in the workplace.

For more information about Empathia, please visit To learn more about Edington Associates, visit

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