arrows outA new report from research and advisory firm Bersin by Deloitte predicts that companies will be challenged to attract and retain key talent as the global economy continues to recover into 2014. These challenges will demand that organizations focus on talent acquisition, skills development, and generating an engaging work environment while integrating technology and analytics and redesigning the HR function. All predictions are available in the complimentary report “2014 Predictions: Building a Strong Talent Pipeline for the Global Economic Recovery.

“We see a renewed emphasis on growth in 2014 and that means organizations must focus on sourcing, recruiting, competing for talent, building leadership and re-engaging the workforce we have,” said Josh Bersin, principal, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “While unemployment is still high, as the economy picks up and skilled workers see new opportunities, people will start changing jobs.”

Bersin continued, “As organizations source, manage and develop people this year, they must act boldly, throw away old practices and build a compelling, passion-filled work environment. Many of the traditional HR practices — performance appraisal, for example — have to be re-engineered to attract and keep great people. Plus this year HR must learn how to become data-driven.”

Key predictions expressed in the report include:

• A more competitive labor market and accelerated innovation with demand for reinvention of recruiting.

• Organizations will refocus on building a highly-engaged workforce in light of mounting concerns about retention.

• Talent analytics will become an imperative function of Human Resources.


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