page flipping in magazineAs the inaugural tool for eQuest’s Big Data recruitment suite, Advantage Network provides unlimited job postings through high-traffic career sites, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These free career sites are also monitored by eQuest’s Big Data performance software directly posted jobs to reach only those employment sites with the best monthly performance for the specific job details and locations. With a single fee, users have access to an unlimited annual license for the use of all networked boards without the need for individual contracts for each site.

“The days of using free board channels offering hundreds of ineffective job boards with little candidate traffic are obsolete,” David Bernstein, VP of eQuest’s Big Data division, said. “By providing our users with minute by minute monitoring and technically advanced delivery optimization, we are focusing outbound job posting traffic to sites that will perform for our customers.”

As one of the most utilized job posting distribution companies in the world, eQuest is leveraging its Big Data warehouse for use in a range of new products and services. Advantage Network is only the first service in an on-going schedule of new releases and enables the syncing of on-demand job board performance delivery assessment with search engine indexing and big data.


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