news block lettersEquifax Workforce Solutions, a leading provider of human resource, data, analytics and verification services, recently announced its 3,000th employer client for The Work Number, the nation’s premier employment and income data source. The client is leading specialty retailer of women’s apparel, jewelry, and accessories Coldwater Creek, Inc.

Using The Work Number service, Equifax Workforce Solutions helps employers remove the burdens of fulfilling verification requests received on employees as they engage in consumer activity. As opposed to managing urgent inbound verification requests, Coldwater Creek (and all other clients) gives Equifax Workforce Solutions payroll information each pay period so that the company can manage verifications on Coldwater Creek’s behalf. Not only does this remove administrative costs and burdens associated with human resources, according to Equifax, it helps “protect employee information and mitigate risk to their organization concerning control over the release of sensitive data.”

“Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries are the employees at Coldwater Creek. Whether buying a car, refinancing a mortgage, or applying for a credit card or assistance programs, employees can expect an expedited decision regarding access to the credit they deserve and assurances of a controlled release of information guided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act,” Dann Adams, president of Equifax Workforce Solutions, said.

“This milestone attainment for employers subscribing to The Work Number service is also great news for decision-makers who are dependent on third-party employment verifications as part of their eligibility determination process,” Michael Kuentz, senior vice president at Equifax Verification Services, said. “With instant access to over 225 million payroll records, credit lenders and government assistance decision-makers can better remove risk from their applicant process and help keep the economy moving forward.”


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