evernote business on salesforce1Evernote has announced the launch of Evernote Business on the Salesforce1 AppExchange. The release allows businesses to create content-rich customer and lead records for virtually any smartphone, tablet or PC. Salesforce customers can also link to custom objects using Evernote. Evernote Business is immediately available for deployment.

“The Salesforce1 platform has allowed us to quickly build an integrated mobile solution that supports the way many of our Evernote Business users work. Now, whether in the office on laptops or out in the field working on mobile devices, our users are able to instantly access the knowledge and context they need to excel at their jobs each and every day,” said Phil Libin, CEO at Evernote.

The new tool allows users to create complete views of customers through linking documents, emails, analysis, web clips, and rich notes taken in Evernote to Salesforce records. Users gain greater flexibility through mobile access where they can view, create, and update linked Salesforce records from any mobile device. In addition to being a fast way to create and update rich information linked to Salesforce records, Evernote Business offers:

• Automatic discovery of related notes, data, and intelligence from team members using Evernote business for Salesforce1 when they open Salesforce records.

• Capture of all necessary information needed in a single location to give accessible insight into the activities and content created by sales teams.

• Support for the Group Edition, expanding the number of companies able to use the Evernote Business for Salesforce1 app.

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