puzzle piecesExecuNet’s new 20th Annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report’s polling of executive recruiters has identified the top 10 industries primed for senior management growth and top 5 growth functions for executives expected to be in high demand over the next year. ExecuNet advises recruiters looking for new opportunities to identify executive talent to look to these areas for abundant executive jobs and continued growth potential.

“Recruiters have consistently ranked healthcare as the greatest growth sector for executive leadership over the last few years, and the industry will only continue to expand,” says Mark Anderson, ExecuNet president and chief economist. “An aging population, increasing life spans, technological advancements, government involvement and reform, a greater emphasis on wellness – these factors all contribute to a boom in the healthcare industry.”

The top 10 growth industries for executives over the next 12 months, according to the survey, include (in descending order): healthcare; high technology; life sciences; manufacturing; energy and utilities; business services; green technologies; financial services, banking, and insurance; Internet and online services; and consumer products.

The top 5 high-demand executive job functions for the next 12 months include: business development; sales; engineering; operations management; and marketing.


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