acroprint-logoAcroprint Time Recording Company has announced the launch of its new timeQplus FaceVerify time tracking system which offers state-of-the-art facial recognition software for a hand-free clock-in solution using biometric verification. FaceVerify lets employees clock in and out in seconds without touching the terminal; verification is obtained from a brief glance at the terminal screen. Facial recognition is available even in low-light environments.

The system is not limited to just facial recognition. It can also record time-tracking information using a proximity badge, a virtual keypad, or a combination of data capture technologies. Powered by Acroprint’s timeQplus software, the base system includes the FaceVerify terminal and networking software that can accommodate up to 50 employees per terminal. Additional terminals are available and require a software upgrade to allow a single system to accommodate up to 250 employees.

FaceVerify expands Acroprint’s line of data collection options for the timeQplus platform which includes PC-punch systems, proximity badge terminals, barcode badge terminals, magnetic stripe terminals, fingerprint biometric terminals, and HandPunch hand geometry biometric terminals. Additional information and purchasing options are available at Acroprint’s online store. Acroprint products are also available from over 1,000 dealers and distributors across the country.

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