JSS launches first mobile employment appThe Job Search Solution, an online job search process, has announced the first of 10 Job Search Solution apps, currently available for free in iTunes, and soon to be released for Android, Windows, Blackberry, and web browsers. The tutorial apps help job seekers manage the job search process to alleviate some of the stress related to finding employment.

“With 23 million Americans struggling to find work, this new mobile app represents convenience and significant value to job seekers,” says Tony Beshara, Ph.D., creator of The Job Search Solution and president of the Southwest’s oldest placement and recruitment firm. “Built on a proven process that has helped more than 100,000 Americans find jobs or change careers, these comprehensive app tutorials offer practical guidance that helps people to land a new position or change careers.”

“Answering interview questions well takes careful preparation, and in the current market, interviewing practices are more sophisticated than ever before,” continued Beshara. “A job offer is one step in the process, but the entire route to landing a job is not over until you have been hired and on the job for six to nine months. Our system simplifies each step for a lifetime of success.”

Version one of the app includes tips and steps for interviewing beginning from the time an interview has been scheduled to after the interview has concluded. The entire Job Search Solution tutorial can be purchased at the company’s website.


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