March 19, 2013

Flowfinity Wireless Updates Actions Software for Retrieval of Enterprise Information

flowfinity logoFlowfinity Wireless, Inc., provider of solutions for developing enterprise mobile apps without programming, has announced the release of Flowfinity Actions 7.0. Actions 7.0 offers enhancements to the platform’s data retrieval, usability, functionality, and device management and helps businesses automate processes like mobile data collection, workflows and approvals, and integrating enterprise systems through a cross-platform solution. The new Flowfinity offers several major feature enhancements to make the platform its most advanced iteration yet.

Flowfinity 7.0 adds three core improvements to the overall experience: better information access, expanded document and media management, and a redesigned user experience. Through the new quick-search feature, business users are able to get fast access to enterprise information from a single search field that does not require network coverage. The newly implemented GPS lookup gives lists of nearby assets and other resources while the new data and time features help make data entry more efficient and flexible.

Flowfinity Actions has newly added support for online/offline viewing of a variety of document types, such as PDFs, MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, making them maintainable and accessible on mobile devices. The user interface has also been revamped to offer a customizable feel with more intuitive navigation. Additionally, Flowfinity Actions Enterprise Edition has added enhanced support for the customization of Flowfinity apps providing custom icons and color palate for developing branded apps without the need for programming knowledge.

“Flowfinity Actions helps organizations become more efficient and profitable through mobility, and this latest release delivers even more paths to ROI,” said Larry Wilson, VP of Sales and Marketing, Flowfinity. “The new functionality gives mobile users unprecedented access to business information, while enabling management to streamline more business processes within a single software solution.”

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