DataServ logoGlobal software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider DataServ announced the release of a range of no-cost upgrades available to DataServ clients.

“The reveal of our annual Evolution upgrades is always an exciting time at DataServ,” says Managing Partner Jeff Haller. “We get a kick out of evolving DataServ solutions for our clients, and we love hearing the success stories that come from Evolution upgrades every year.”

Functional enhancements to the Evolution | 12 service include:

• A mobile approval interface for the P2P solution set. The application is compatible with all mobile platforms and works to streamline the accounts payable approval process. The Mobile Approval site offers fast access to the approval system to both view and approve invoices.

• Enhancement increases to the data exporting function of the DataServ interface. The data export enhancement allows anyone with system access to export data to a CSV file or Excel spreadsheet. This opens up the audience to which this ability is now available.

• A platform-level system monitoring tool that furthers system transparency for clients in specific process monitoring, Digital Mailroom turnaround, and other capabilities.

Video tutorials and text instructions are available for all enhancements and each client will be contacted by DataServ Client Service to ensure ease of use.

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