NewsThe International Association for Human Resource Information Management (IHRIM) will host a free webinar entitled, “Why Workforce Planning matters in Today’s Economic Environment,” on December 7th, 2011 between 11 am and 12 noon, CST.

The economic recession has brought about a conflict between the long-term needs and the short-term requirements of companies with respect to the workforce. The webinar will in effect offer ten of Mercer’s professional recommendations for implementing a successful workforce strategy in any business.

Michelle Czosek, the Manager of Education and Special programs at IHRIM, reports, “We are making this webinar available free to anyone who wants to attend because it is such an important topic for HR professionals at every level. Participants will come to understand the keys to getting workforce planning right in today’s uncertain environment. Additionally, they will hear about what successful organizations are doing to make smart decisions, so that the actions they take today do not jeopardize their future viability.”

Lynne Mealy, CEO of IHRIM, added , “Among other things, this webinar will address the big question of whom should companies cut today, knowing that in the future the business will require growth – and especially certain critical skills and capabilities – to prosper?”

The webinar will be presented by Brian Kelly, who is the Commercial Leader of the Human Capital Metrics & Analytics Solutions, along with the Principal of Workforce Sciences Group of Mercer, Matt Stevenson.

The IHRIM is the major clearinghouse for the Human Resource Information Management (HRIM). It helps to advance professional development and education by holding conferences, webinars and educational courses every year. The organization is comprised of professionals consisting of experts in various fields.

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