NewsHR Technology Solutions (HRTS) has released HRToolbench®, a full-cycle talent management system that analyzes workforce skills and competencies and aligns them with an organization’s business strategy. The software offers a personal job success profile for each employee, integrating the data across a management suite which includes candidate selection, performance management, 360 feedback, succession planning/career path planning and compensation.

“Accurate and actionable job success profiles are pivotal both for effective talent management and for business success,” said Robert Levy, president of HRTS. “HRToolbench’s unique approach has evolved over many years of “real-world” HR experience. We have worked closely with client HR professionals to build a talent management system that is uniquely designed to deliver workforce processes and analytics that are most actionable to an organization’s bottom line.”

HRToolbench creates a unique personal success profile for each employee, with a job guide containing priorities, performance expectations and job competencies. By aligning these profiles with the organization’s business strategy, an ideal workforce may be structured and measured against real-world results.

HRtoolbench is an affordable solution designed specifically for small to mid-sized organization such as public accounting, engineering, non-profit and service firms. HRTS provides full support for the product – from setup to customization to other non-software consultations in the areas of compensation, training, employee surveys, communications and strategic workforce planning.

For more information or a free demo, visit, call (877) 444-4787 or email

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