incentcore incentives management solutionIncentCore, a new solution from GC Incentives (a division of, is an on-demand recognition and rewards solution that reinforces core organizational values and helps achieve a positive ROI. IncentCore offers various customizable levels to suit the needs of any sized business and can be integrated into any type of program including spot awards, employee engagement, wellness, training, and safety.

“At its core, we designed it to be simple to use and to make the task of administering an employee recognition or rewards program easier,” Ian O’Brien, president and CEO of, said.

“We believe that the value of employee recognition goes beyond achieving business goals and a bottom-line ROI. Formal and informal recognition experiences between managers, executives and employees build an overall culture of recognition. Our goal is to enable you to own more of the moments that make your business thrive. We are excited about this new offering, we’re not just reinventing our design, but what our brands and products can be,” O’Brien said.

IncentCore brings with it key benefits such as:

• Reduced administrative costs

• Coordination of program activities

• Driving proactive program administration

• Creating reports for payroll tax reporting compliance

• Reviewing reports and analytic tools for program tracking


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